Grievance Policy & Procedures

Grievance Policy and Procedures 

The purpose of this policy is to set out the principles for the handling of grievances for members of Eastern Raiders Softball Club so that all parties to any grievance are treated in a fair, confidential and consistent manner. 

The following principles will be applied when dealing with complaints: 

  • Treat complaints seriously 

  • Act promptly 

  • Treat people fairly and listen to both sides of the story; stay neutral 

  • Keep parties to the complaint informed 

  • Maintain confidentiality wherever possible 

  • Protect parties against victimisation 

  • Keep accurate records 

  • Make decisions based only on information gathered and not on personal views 

  • Disciplinary action should be relative to the breach 

  • Juniors to be addressed only in the presence of their parent or guardian 


Acknowledgement and response plan to be initiated within 7 days of receipt of complaint.  The intent is to resolve as amicably as possible without negative impact to game time. 

Issue Resolution Plan

The purpose of this Issue Resolution Plan is to:

  • Provide a framework for disputing parties to resolve their differences
  • Determine specific required changes to behaviour by one or more parties
  • Assist with maintaining and restoring club harmony on and off the field by upholding the ERSC Codes of Conduct


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